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Online training becomes accessible to everyone: 7Minutes makes it Micro, Mobile and Open.

Track, create and edit your online courses and monitor statistics. All in one.

Find courses on any topic

7Minutes is the digital platform for online training that makes e-learning accessible to
everyone. Inside you will find many training courses with an average duration of 7 minutes where
you can learn Soft Skills, Management, Compliance, Digital Transformation,
Sales, Marketing and much more.

Go Micro

Our daily lives require us to stay connected and move quickly. We handle dozens of daily notifications and fill our day with so many activities that making time for training seems impossible. But today, there’s one more way to avoid being overwhelmed by routine: take a 7Minutes course!

Go Mobile

7Minutes courses are 100% responsive, which means they look and work great on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

That’s why at 7Minutes, every single pixel counts!

Go Coaching

With 7Minutes Coaching (Premium service with separate costs) you have the opportunity to meet online with the teachers who classified and wrote the content of the course you took, and you also have the opportunity to interact with other users in a virtual classroom.
Now we’re talking 360-degree training!

Go Tracking

With 7Minutes you monitor the progress of course participants and have the ability to leverage the data collected to improve your organization’s performance.

7Minutes courses can be integrated on your platform or can be tracked within the 7Minutes platform itself. The choice is yours!

Go Welfare

One of the things we care most about is the growth of human beings.

That’s why each participant can share a subscription with one person in their family.

We like to think that the World can be more open and connected, and this is our way of making the experience beautiful, useful, and socially relevant!

Watch what you want, as often as you want and from wherever you want. A dream? No, it's the new reality!

Accessing 7Minutes content is easy. If you are part of a company or an organization, just subscribe to one of the annual or monthly subscriptions available to you depending on the number of users who enter the system (Up to 25, 100, 500 or Unlimited). Single user plans are also available.

Enter the new era of training today!

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