Frequently asked questions

Everything you want to know about 7Minutes.

7Minutes is the digital online training platform that makes e-learning accessible to everyone. Inside you will find many training courses with an average duration of 7 minutes, in which you can learn a wide variety of topics including Soft Skills, Management, Compliance, Digital Transformation, Sales and Marketing.

The contents, which are constantly growing thanks to continuous updates and production, are always up-to-date and designed to be easily accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers.

In a hyper-fast, hyper-mobile and hyper-connected World, 7Minutes is the perfect training match to increase your skills while keeping up with the 2020’s lifestyle. Great!

Accessing 7Minutes content is super easy. If you are part of a company or an organization, you just need to choose one of the annual or monthly subscriptions available depending on the number of users who enter the system (25, 100, 500 or Unlimited). Single user plans are also available.

The 7Minutes content library contains dozens of titles that are immediately ready to use. All courses cover topics such as: Digital Transformation, Management & Leadership, Sales&Marketing, Smart Talking, Governance Risk & Compliance, IT & Hard Skills, HR Empowerment.

When you sign up for your monthly or annual subscription plan you have free access to all 7Minutes content, but the real strength is that you will always have at your disposal all the new content that will be released over time and all the updates to existing courses. All this, with no additional or hidden costs.

7Minutes is an open library dedicated to everyone. It contains courses whose usefulness is transversal and that are designed to embrace the needs of all groups and categories of professionals, schools and universities. In general, 7Minutes is dedicated to all those who need and/or like to grow and train in a short time and without constraints.

Both plans for small or large companies and for individual users are available.

Yes, you can try 7Minutes for free for 15 days.

What are you waiting for? Write us to get more information.

We have created a unique format that provides a structure of content based on 5 key elements:

  • intro “Why” (1 min.)
  • training (3 min.)
  • Test (1 min.)
  • 7 key learning points (1 min.)
  • workout minute (1 min.)

The total duration of 7 minutes refers to the most authoritative scientific research, which indicates that this amount of time is the peak of attention that a human being can devote to an activity before going into cognitive overload or distraction.

Daily life in this century is full of pitfalls that put a strain on our ability to organize and grow.

We are accustomed to moving quickly, always being connected and filling our days with activities that prevent us from finding the right space for many important things, such as our training.

But from today there is a quick and easy way to solve this issue: take a course on 7Minutes!

Yes! Immediately 🙂

7Minutes courses are 100% responsive, this means they look and work great on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Not a simple “zoom in/out” but a true physical refit of content that fits perfectly with the space available on the screen. Magic!


7Minutes courses can be integrated on your platform or they can be taken within the 7Minutes platform itself. The choice is yours!

Either way, you’ll be able to see which users have accessed the courses, what they’ve seen, when, and with what quality.

In addition, after completing each course, the user receives a certification and also an Open Badge certificate, increasing the level of satisfaction and involvement of the participant.

(This service will be active soon)


All 7Minutes courses can be easily added within your LMS platform. This way your users will access the content directly from their trusted environment and you won’t have to worry about them moving it from one system to another. Amazing, isn’t it?

On the other hand, if you don’t have your own platform yet, you can launch all your courses directly from the 7Minutes environment.

Yes, all 7Minutes courses come with a multiple-choice test, as well as an extra activity called Workout Minute.

The Workout Minute closes each 7Minutes course and consists of an exercise, to be done offline, at work or in Daily Life. The purpose is to help you practice the skill learned during the 7Minutes course, as soon as it is completed.

One of the things we hold most dear is the growth of human beings. That’s why each participant can share a subscription with one person in his/her family.

We like to think that the World can be more open and connected, and this is our way of making the experience beautiful, useful and socially relevant!

For example, if as a company you purchase an Up to 100 plan, for 100 people in your organization, you can double the number of users by involving a relative for each subscriber. This way, for example, the children of employees can access English or communication courses.

Within the UPCOMING page you have up-to-the-minute visibility into the pipeline on a monthly basis.

7Minutes is designed to see your course library grow without a break. The best part is that any content you add to your course list will always be available to you automatically and at no additional cost. This way while your costs remain the same, your opportunities to grow through training steadily increase. How wonderful!

No problem! Not only you get access to all the courses available at that very moment when you sign up, but since 7Minutes is always growing with new titles, you get each new course for free until your plan (which you can decide to renew) expires.

7Minutes is available as a monthly or annual subscription (Up to 25, 100, 500 or Unlimited).

Monthly or yearly subscription (Up to 25, 100, 500 or Unlimited), for corporate or student organizations and for individual users.

Visit the PRICING page for plans and pricing.

If you need customized options, please contact us.

Schools and universities get 50% discount on all plans.

The subscription to 7Minutes can be subscribed to on a monthly or annual basis and can be cancelled at any time according to the parameters described in the user license.

By subscribing to 7Minutes you get access to our email support, via ticket and designed to help you solve any possible technical problem.

It’s important to never feel alone!

With 7Minutes Coaching (Premium service with separate costs) you build opportunities to meet online with the teachers who classified and wrote the content of the course you took, also interacting with other users in a virtual classroom.

Now we’re talking 360-degree training.

In this way you access to a personalized training plan oriented to make you deepen the skills already conveyed in 7Minutes courses as well as offer you the valuable opportunity to discover new ones.

Yes, as 7Minutes is always growing, we are constantly searching and selecting interesting titles for you to learn new things and make you happy.

In the spirit of collaboration, you can suggest the creation of new 7Minutes courses. Your request will be taken into consideration by the editorial staff of 7Minutes, and could thus lead to the production of content that matches your desires.